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Why Join the Union - Benefits

The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers is a service organization that helps improve members' quality of life - both on and off the job - through access to good jobs, fair wages and quality benefits, and by building solidarity and support among all BAC members.

What makes our Union great

  • Structure
    Unions are the only organizations of their kind that are run by members for the good of the members.
  • Collective Bargaining
    Collective bargaining allows for all members of the Union to speak collectively to their employers through their union representatives. It serves as a powerful tool to negotiating fair wages and benefits, improvements to working conditions, and greater influence in the industry.
  • Trade Jurisdiction
    Details of the Union's craft jurisdiction are outlined in the local's Constitution and in each collective bargaining agreement.
  • Member Benefits
    BAC members and their families have access to a variety of benefits that are not widely available to non-union masonry-trowel trades craftworkers.
  • Member Assistance Program
    Both working and retired BAC members, as well as their families, are eligible to use the Member Assistance Program (MAP), a free crisis intervention and referral program.
  • International Masonry Institute
    The International Masonry Institute (IMI) is a labour-management trust, funded by BAC and the contractors who employ BAC members. It focuses on addressing labour-management issues as well as apprenticeship and training, advertising and promotion, and research and development as they pertain to developing the unionized segment of the masonry-trowel trades industry.
  • BAC Job NETwork
    The BAC Job NETwork was established to provide out-of-work members with opportunities to work in areas with a surplus of Union jobs. Members can register online at www.bacweb.org or request an enrollment form from their Local.
  • Construction Workers Incorporated
    Construction Workers Incorporated (CWI) was established to bridge the gap between labour shortages in some areas of the US and high unemployment in Canada. The corporation is owned by the Masonry Economic Development Trust, a joint trust of BAC and International Council of Employers of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (ICE).
  • Communications
    BAC members have access to the latest information through a variety of avenues - from websites to newsletters and special mailings.
  • Member Education
    Through Local and Chapter meetings as well as issue-bulletins, BAC members can stay in touch and involved with matters concerns the trade and the Union. Additionally, BAC members have access to two scholarship programs:
    • The Harry C. Bates Scholarship
    • National Labor College

    For more information on education opportunities through BAC, please visit http://www.bacweb.org/train_edu_safety/education/index.php).
  • Membership Services
    BAC Membership Services program offers members a wide variety of products and services at reduced rates, including discounts on car rental, insurance, hotel rates, etc. (see Canadian Member Services).

For more detailed information on each of these items, please see the brochure Member Benefits and Services - Welcome Building your Future with BAC or Member Benefits

How to Join

To join BAC Local 1 Nova Scotia you must:

  • Send a copy of resume to Union office (email or fax)

  • Submit your initiation fee:
    • Apprentice $100.00
    • Journeyman $300.00

  • Dues payable:
    • Monthly Dues $35.00 - is the responsibility of the member, please contact the office regularly to make sure you are up to date with your dues.
    • Working Dues $1.00/hour - paid by the check off system and is paid by the employer.